Jersey Accountants, Audit & Taxation, Company Formation & Administration Services

HS Corporate Services Limited

Regulated by The Jersey Financial Services Commission in the conduct of Trust Company Business

Company Formation & Administration Services

Our sister company, H S Corporate Services Limited (“HSCS”), is able to provide the following services to Jersey residents:

  • company formation
  • registered office
  • company secretarial service
  • nominee shareholder

Provision of Registered Office and Secretarial facilities,

Each Jersey registered company must have an address in Jersey and this address is notified to the Jersey Financial Services Commission (“JFSC”). HSCS is able to offer a registered office address and will notify JFSC of any changes to the registered office address. Any correspondence received at the registered office will be opened and forwarded to the relevant director/shareholder for further action. A company’s statutory records must be kept at the registered office address and the register of members can be inspected by members of the Public having given due notice and paid a fee. If the statutory records are not held at the registered office then the address at which they are held is notified to the JFSC.

Provision of Company Secretary

HSCS will provide the following services following appointment as company secretary:- Maintain the registers of the shareholders and officers in accordance with legal requirements. Complete the annual return of shareholders and make all efforts to ensure it is submitted to the JFSC within the appropriate time with the appropriate fee. Record and execute all share transactions updating the share register and issue new share certificates. Draft and present minutes of meetings as appropriate Assist in the drafting of special resolutions, changes in Articles, issuing further shares, appointment of directors etc. Assist and inform the directors of their obligations such as having to prepare annual financial statements within 10 months of the year end of the company. Periodic review and liaison with the directors of the company regarding corporate governance, ensuring full minutes are maintained.